Zombies for Zombies

Zombies for Zombies bookSo you’ve been bitten by a zombie? Bummer. What do you do now? Well, you go out and buy this Zombies for Zombies book immediately. This book will tell you there is no need to panic. Yes, your life is undergoing a major change, but it doesn’t mean you can’t adapt to your new life with style. It’ll tell you how to dress for your new lifestyle, fitness ideas, how to overcome the zombie stigma, dance steps, delicious brain recipes and the all important skin-care techniques to ward off “rotting flesh syndrome”. It even covers the Koma Sutra for those of you that aren’t ready to give up on sex just because you’re a zombie. It’s basically advice and etiquette for the modern zombie and a book you can’t be without. Makes a perfect gift for that special someone that has just been bitten and looking to you, a seasoned zombie, for advice.

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