Zombie Time

Not much available in the scary alarm clock scene. I did find this Zombie Clock here which is pretty cool. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that adorable face every morning? Too bad, though, it’s not an alarm clock just a regular clock. How cool would it be to have a zombie waking you up every morning screaming “Braaaaiiiiiinnns”? Come on people, do I have to think of everything? Just sayin’.


One Response to “Zombie Time”

  1. Sarbast Says:

    The author of that book, Mary Downing Hahn, has weirttn a LOT of ghost and horror stories that are similar. A long time ago (probably when I was around the same age as your daughter) I read her book Look For Me By Moonlight and thought it was really good. Here’s a link to , where you can find a lot of the titles.

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