Zombie Statue

Zombie Lawn SculptureIt is officially October, so that means Halloween is here! Halloween is a month long celebration for me and to get it going I am showing you the first decoration that I can’t be without. Now this Zombie Lawn Statue is quite expensive, but I wouldn’t be adverse to leaving it out all year long. Then it would be worth it. I would probably hide a small green light behind it to give it that really special eeriness. That pissy old lady that lives next to me might just run for the hills when she sees this or just move away which would be even better. I might just have to invest in it just for that. It was designed by the artist Alan Dickinson in resin and sells for $89.95. Don’t you have a neighbor that you’ve been looking to give a good scare to?

One Response to “Zombie Statue”

  1. Ghoulfather Says:

    ah yes, except my annoying neighbor would need more than something stationary to scare her bumming carcass away. But This would be something to maybe get the hint across….

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