Zombie Party

Since I saw Zombieland a few weeks ago I’ve been obsessed with all things zombie. I wish I had planned to have a Halloween party this year, but it becomes bigger and bigger and therefore more involved every year. Every other year is my limit. If I’m still into Zombies next year I might make it a zombie party. How cool would that be? It would be even better if it was warm enough to do it in your yard. I could just imagine driving by someone’s house with a whole bunch of zombies walking around in the yard and spilling into the street. Every Halloween there are quite a few cities that do a zombie crawl. If you haven’t been to one they are lots of fun. Usually it’s just everyone showing up on some city street dressed as a zombie and walking around for a few hours. People get very creative. That idea got me looking around at zombie costumes. Probably the best ones would be homemade, but I did find a couple of good ones. A good portion of them are quite lame, though. My one problem with most of the costumes is that they include a mask. I hate masks! I never where them. They look great, but they are so hot and sweaty. No one can ever understand what you are saying and you can’t hear anything. I’m not a huge fan of wearing lots of makeup, but it’s still better in my opinion.Zombie 2 costumeZombie costumeZombie Doctor costume

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  1. alisha Says:

    this is creapy

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