Zombie Gnomes

If you have been diligently reading my blog (you better be) you would know that I just love to piss off my neighbors. I know, not very neighborly, but oh so much fun. Besides, it seems like it has become sort of a running joke in the neighborhood. What will Jane do next? Most of them get a good laugh out of it since we do take good care of our yard, but there are a few that are not so thrilled. That’s mainly why I do it. If they laughed and enjoyed it I’d get bored.
Everyone has seen the pink yard flamingos and a few have even seen the skeleton flamingos, but now a couple of artists selling under the name Chris and Janes Place on Etsy have come up with their own twist. Zombie Gnomes feeding on one of those oh so tacky pink flamingos. They are hand casted, hand painted and sell for $55. They have been getting so many orders for these that they are a little behind in production, but so worth the wait. I am so excited to get mine. Now I just need to think of a great way to reveal it to the neighbors

4 Responses to “Zombie Gnomes”

  1. Kevin Green Says:

    Might be fun to put out 3 normal gnomes and a flamingo for a week and then switch it out. Move the gnomes closer each night until they surround your bird. Bonus points if a neighbor has a flamingo and te gnomes start heading that way next.

  2. jane Says:

    OMG!! That is an awesome idea! Thanks Kevin. Now I just have to wait for the snow to melt.

  3. Cheyenne Says:

    I love all of the things you have posted, but this is hilarious! I live in a neighbor hood with a lot of snobby old people who also don’t like the idea that I have a coyote as a pet. :/ But if I were to put this out on my lawn, I honestly think I would be accused of murdering my neighbors because they would have a heart attack when passing by!

  4. Amanda Says:

    This Would Be Absolutely Coool o:
    I Want Onee ._.

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