Zombie Fluxx

Zombie Fluxx gameI come from a long line of game lovers. I grew up playing games with my family and friends and still do. We host game nights with our friends and every Sunday afternoon is game time in our house. One that we play regularly is the award winning game Fluxx. It’s a fun card game that’s easy to play anywhere since there is no board or money involved. I recently found out that there is a Zombie Fluxx version. How cool is that? I can’t believe we’ve been playing all this time and never knew. I have yet to get it, but I’m very curious about it and how the zombie theme changes the game. I would try to explain the game to you, but the goal and the rules of the game changes all the time and it’s one of those games you just have to jump in and play. From what I can understand there are weapons to kill the zombies with and your friends can become zombies. If anyone out there has played it email me or comment on this post and let me know what you think and if it’s worth getting.

One Response to “Zombie Fluxx”

  1. SuperRainbowPony Says:

    i just played this for the first time last week, and its really good. it’s nice cause it adds another level to the game, where zombies can win, or you could have the winning combo, but you don’t win if you have a zombie. plus, zombies are cool, so there’s that too.

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