Zombie Felties

Anyone who knows me or has spent any time reading my blog can attest to my zombie obsession. I’m not sure where or when it started. Could be when movies like Shaun of the Dead and Fido started getting released. Before that I had very little interest. I’ve never been a fan of the George Romero type zombie movies. They were just gross and didn’t scare me. If a movie doesn’t make me laugh or scared I’m just not interested. When they finally started having fun with zombies I think I became obsessed. Since some of my readers are aware of my feelings I frequently get attacked by emails with zombie links. A reader tipped me off about a book called “Zombie Felties“. This book will show you how to raise (make) 16 gruesome felt creatures from the undead. They are more cute than gruesome, but who cares? I think I’d make them magnets or something like that since they are pretty small. So, come on, get your zombie on and make a couple of these. It may be too late for stocking stuffers, but they’d make great party gifts! Of course, if you’re not too crafty or just lazy it may just take you until next Christmas to make them anyway.

* Thanks Boutsik for the link!

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