You Rang?

You Rang? DoormatNeed a new doormat? Like to scare off those pesky neighbors that insist on knocking on your door? This might do. This obviously conjures up memories of a certain butler that we all know and love named Lurch. I am a huge fan of The Addams Family and love everything related to it. Mentioning Lurch though, brings up a beef of mine. Loved the TV show and loved the movies. Well the first two anyway. I thought their casting was incredible except the character of Lurch. The original TV version played by Ted Cassidy was phenomenal. I felt that the movie version played by Carel Struycken just didn’t do Lurch justice. I realize this is a very difficult character to cast and I don’t know who could have done better, but I thought it was the weak link in the movie version. Anyway, buy the doormat. Maybe people won’t dare to ring your doorbell for fear of Lurch answering.

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