Witches Brew with Ice Hands

Witches Brew Punch with Ice HandsEvery time I have a Halloween party I make punch with ice hands and put it in one of those huge black plastic cauldrons. The one thing I recommend though is finding a large bowl or pot to put inside. It can’t fit too snugly. This will allow you to put some warm water and dry ice at the bottom of your cauldron, so the smoke will flow out through the gaps. Doing it this way means the dry ice will never be in the punch and you won’t have to worry about your guests touching it. To make the ice hands you will need some surgical gloves that are not powdered. These can be purchased at most drug stores. Rinse out two gloves, fill with water and tightly tie them shut with some string. Lie them flat in your freezer and let freeze for 2 days. Run a small amount of warm water over the gloves to loosen them. Be careful when removing the glove. Use scissors to cut away if necessary. If you lose a finger don’t worry. It makes it even creepier.

The punch can be any recipe you like really. I always use the recipe below and you can choose to add vodka or not. I usually don’t for the people that aren’t drinking.

1             96 oz. Orange Juice
4             48 oz. cans Pineapple Juice
4             2 liter bottles of Sprite or 7Up
1             1.75 liter bottle of vodka

Mix well. Put the warm water and dry ice at the bottom of your cauldron and then put your pot/bowl inside. Pour in your punch and then add your ice hands. The hands floating in the punch is really creepy and your guests will love it.

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  1. Gigglingoth Says:

    We make this every year (no alcohol tho) and everyone loves it now just as much as the day we started doing it. Always a huge hit!
    Another creepy thing-bake a square cake with chocolate icing-using either crumbled brownies or oreo’s make “dirt” on the top of the cake. Walmart has life sized gummy hands and feet right now (VERY COOL!)lay your hand or foot on the cake and add some dirt around and on top of it so it looks like a body part that’s barely buried =)

  2. anonymous Says:

    Man, that last site i just stumbled was total shit. Lets try the next.

  3. anonymous Says:


  4. Michele Says:

    I will perhaps try scary jane’s recipe without the vodka.

  5. Anna Says:

    use thread as spider webs! (u may add water on them to makeit look more real)!!!!

  6. ... Says:

  7. Anna z Says:

    recipe is awsome

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