Witch Door

Witch Door DecorI’m not a big fan of those plastic Scene Setter things in general. You know, the fake-looking pictures of bookcases and skeletons sitting on sofas that you put on a wall? They never look realistic. They are kind of the lazy man’s Halloween decoration. For those of you that use them here’s a question: Do you ever have someone walk up to one and try to take something off the shelf? Does anyone ever try to sit down on that sofa next to the skeleton? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Well, unless they’re drunk, I guess. That would be pretty funny actually. I might use one then if I knew some of my guests have a tendency to drink too much. Otherwise no. Now this Sound and Lights Witch Door Decor is a different animal all together. This is really cool and I would totally hang this up. First off, it looks scary which is already far and above the traditional scene setters. Secondly, it has motion activated sound and lights. The sounds are of a witch laughing and cackling and the eyes light up. Yes, I realize no one will mistakenly try to walk down the hall through the door. Unless of course there is liquor involved then anything can happen. For $14.50 it’s a cheap decoration that really sets a mood.

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