Witch Boot

Witch Boot PincushionNow I don’t really like to sew, but this little Witch Boot Pincushion just might help me enjoy it more. I need something to help me enjoy it since I’m always having to fix some piece of clothing or another. I constantly put mending off until someone in my family finally starts yelling loud enough. Maybe they could fix their own clothes. Yeah! That might be asking a little too much from this lazy crowd I call a family. It doesn’t say what it’s made of, but it looks like the boot part is some kind of metal and it’s a good size at 11″ tall. Maybe if it’s heavy enough I can use it as a weapon against my family. Of course I would just use it to threaten, but they don’t know that. If it’s that time of the month anything could happen! As they know from past experience Scary Jane can go ape sh*t at the drop of a pin. However bad, pun was intended.

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