Wal-Mart Coffins

Wal-Mart CoffinsOkay I’m not sure how I feel about this. Wal-Mart now carries coffins and urns for all of your funeral needs. I mean I guess it’s okay, just weird. Now when you search on urns you get funeral urns mixed in with the coffee urns. Kinda creepy. When it comes time to bury Great Uncle Mort you can now go down to your neighborhood Wal-Mart and pick up your coffin. Well, actually you can’t. You can only order them online, but still the image is there. It makes me think of the Target lady on SNL. If you haven’t seen Kristen Wiig play her it’s really funny. The Target lady is a Target cashier who is very excitable and covets everything people are buying in a very shrill voice. She then frequently disappears during the transaction to get one of her own. What would she do if someone checked out with a coffin in their cart? Anyway, Wal-Mart is offering them for $895 to $2,899, so it’s pretty cheap compared to the thousands of dollars that coffins usually cost. Still weird, though. Coffin price check in aisle 9!

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  1. Kyle Says:

    I honestly did not think that it was for real when I heard that Wal Mart is selling coffins, but apparently it is legit. Saw a pretty funny video about it on YouTube.


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