Voodooz Dolls

Voodooz DollDo you have that family member that kinda gets on your nerves? The one you dread seeing every year, but you still have to buy a gift for. Well here’s the perfect gift. A Voodooz Doll! There are four different dolls available: Ezili, Uchawi, Baka and Kennis. Each little voodoo doll has an articulated internal skeleton and is approximately 10″ tall. It comes with voodoo pins, mojo bones, binding twine, a chicken foot and a journal. These are extremely popular little dolls and only a limited number were made. They can be hard to find. If they are no longer available at the above link look around on the internet. I have found them regularly on ebay. Just make sure you stick the pins in and curse it before you give it to them or they could use it on you!

3 Responses to “Voodooz Dolls”

  1. MyNameIsKim Says:

    I remember seeing this at on the shelves at Toys R Us awhile ago….*shakes head*
    May GOD be w/ the creator of it & you too, Scary Jane. God really loves you!!

  2. Jess Says:

    My son who is 16 months loves these dolls. They were supposed to be a collectible series for my husband but as soon as my son saw them he loved them. So now he carries Baka around everywhere! I love them because they can easily be washed.

  3. Minxy Says:

    Where O where can I get this lovely doll??

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