Buffy Being a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all things vampire in general, I always keep my eyes out for anything vampire related. I came across this great article in Newsweek about people’s obsession with vampires that you just have to check out.

“Bite Me! Why We Love Vampires”

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  1. Noemi Says:

    GREAT cover art probally surkeced in many a horror fan including this one.Admittebly,for that cover alone worth the small sum you pay.What this is really,is Mill Creek entertainment rereleasing some of there films from there 50 DVD sets unto a smaller twenty pack.For people who’ve already got em,this isn’t much,but for the uninitiated,this might be kind of cool.The set really dosen’t cater to Vampire and Living Dead films.There’s ALOT of weird stuff on here.Here’s the contents and there worth:Atom Age Vampire(1963)-One of those Spanish made horror films re-edited for American audiences.Not really that exciting,and rather boring.Great title,though.Count Dracula and his Vampire Bride(1973)-This is actually the frequently released Satanic Rites of Dracula under a different title.It was the last of the Hammer Draculas with Christopher Lee.He dosen’t have much to do in this,as the plot revolves around a James Bond like plot of a agent trying to undermine the plans of a crazed millionaire who plans to unleash the bubonic plague upon the earth!Peter Cushing is back as Van Helsing,and thank god he is.Not a great film,but worth seeing for Cushing and Lee.And the basement of chained up,topless vampire girls!Crypt of the Living Dead(1973)-Mill Creek loves to release this one.Originally shown in color,this is featured in black and white(?) and is a rather alright vampire film.The Devil Bat(1940)-This is always mistaken as a vampire film because of the presence of Bela Lugosi.He actually plays a chemist enacting revenge by sending out giant bats to kill his enemies!Campy fun for the B-horror movie fan.Horror of the Zombies(1974)-Actually a U.S retitling of one of the Blind Dead series.This one is set on a boat,with the typica; creepy atmosphere,chanting and downbeat ending.House of the Dead(1972)-Another Mill Creek favorite,this one seems to appear on every other set.So-So horror anthology,nothing special.King of the Zombies(1940)-Hilarious horror film about men who crashland on an island where a german zombie master plans to use zombies for the Axis powers.Ridiculous,but saved by the great comic performance of Mantan Moreland.Some may see his performance as offensive,but Moreland was a genuinely,talented comedian and is the real reason to watch this film today.The Last man on Earth(1964)-The first film version of Richard Matheson’s I am legend and a big influence on George Romero’s Night of the Living dead.This italian production stars Vincent Price as the last man on earth,who is trying to seek a cure for the virus that obliterated mankind while killing off vampires!Not the best print,but a must see horror movie.Mama Dracula(1980)-TERRIBLE horror comedy with Louise Fletcher.Painfully unfunny.That’s all I can say.Moon of the Wolf(1972)-Okay Tv-werewolf movie structured as a who done it.Problem is that it’s VERY obvious who the werewolf is,and the wolf man make up kind of sucks.Still it’s good,clean fun.Night of the Living Dead(1968)-One of the greatest horror movies of all time and the most popular public domain horror release.If you don’t have it ..seriously,who dosen’t?Nosferatu(1922)-Silent masterpiece in sub-par print.Only reccomended if you haven’t seen it,otherwise get the Kino Dvd.Oasis of the Zombies(1980)-One of the many Italian zombie movies made in the early 80s,and one of the many with a nazi sub-plot(!).Cheezy and rather boring,this does feature sme striking shots of zombies against the sun walking across the sand dunes to reccomend it.Revolt of the Zombies(1936)-One of the only bombs from the Golden age of Horror,was made by the Halperin brothers to cash in on there previous success with White Zombie(1932).Except,there’s no Bela Lugosi(his eyes are used superimposed over zombie soldiers though!).The plot could have been good,a story about a guy training zombies for war,but it turns to tedium quickly.The Vampire Bat(1933)-Not about vampires,but starring Lionel Atwill as a mad doctor who has created a sponge like creature that lives on blood!Of interest to classic horror fans for the cast,including Melvyn Douglas as the hero,Fay Wray as the heroine and Dwight Frye playing another looney like he did in Dracula(1931).The sets from Frankenstein are also re-used.Not bad stuff.Vengeance of the Zombies(1973)-Paul Naschy horror movie with Nashcy playing duel roles of kind Guru and evil demon guy who unleashes zombies on his enemies.Features the typical Naschy film mixture of blood and naked women.Harmless fun.Voodoo Black Exorcist(1973)-GREAT TITLE!The film has NOTHING to do with that title,though.Basically it’s your average Mummy movie,with him loose on an ocean liner.Lots of babes and a gruesome monster make up to reccomend it.Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory(1964)-Fun idea,but not as tongue in cheek as one might assume.Lots of pretty co-eds,a REALLY lame wolf man,and it’s missing the Ghoul in School song from the main title!Oh man!Werewolf vs.the Vampire Woman(1970)-Another in Paul Naschy’s Waldemar Dansky series,finds him battling an undead vampire countess.Alot of the blood and nudity were cut from this print.Uncut print is under the title, Werewolf Shadow .White Zombie(1932)-The first zombie movie and one of the best.Bela Lugosi gives one of his bets performances as Murder Legendre,a zombie master in Haiti who drugs a young woman to use as a zombie slave.Not one of the best prints,that’s for sure,but an essential if you haven’t seen it yet.Fun Dvd set if you can get it for under ten dollars.Not the worst,and certainly with some interesting titles.It’s alright.

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