Vampire Welcome Mat

Vampire Welcome MatYou must know by now that I love vampires. Of course, according to this article the rest of the female population does too. I found this Vampire Welcome Mat and it started me thinking. If vampires really existed would you really want this mat outside your door? Would this be accepted as the invitation that vampires are required to have to enter your home? I notice it says Tall, Dark & Handsome vampires welcome. Does that mean vampires that are short, blond and ugly can’t enter your home? Isn’t who is considered handsome and who is considered ugly different for each person or in the vampire world is that decided for us? So this must all mean that the vampire that does enter your home will be at least a pleasure to look at while he’s sucking you dry.

4 Responses to “Vampire Welcome Mat”

  1. Gary Says:

    How about cute, sexy and voluptuous vampires?

  2. naleta Says:

    It sounds like Gary wouldn’t mind a visitation from a succubus. 😉

  3. Nicole_Hadaway Says:

    I am so buying this!

  4. cheryl hess Says:


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