Vampire Instructions

Vampire Instructions T-ShirtAs I have stated before I am not as crazy about the Twilight series as everyone else seems to be. I mean the books were decent and so far the movies have been fun. I am just not the biggest fan of some of the changes that Stephenie Meyer made to vampire lore. Anyway, I did come across this Vampire Instructions T-Shirt that made me giggle a little and thought I’d pass it on. I wish it wasn’t so Twilight-ish and more general, but it’s still funny. I would assume this t-shirt is meant for the non-vampire person in the relationship (Bella, Buffy, Sookie et al). Obviously some of them need a little more instruction for their newly acquired vampire than others. Maybe if the Cullens had given Bella this t-shirt for her birthday instead she wouldn’t have cut her finger and started that whole mess.

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