Upside Down Christmas Tree

Years ago when I was in college, in the San Francisco area, there was a very cool nightclub that I practically lived in. To me, it was perfect. It was as if it was designed just for me. Of course all of the other people that went there probably thought the same thing. If I remember correctly it was basically just a big square warehouse, but inside was this amazing space. There were heavy red and black velvet curtains everywhere that created these wonderful intimate spaces. There was no large open dance floor. You would just walk from room to room and socialize with people sitting on the purple velvet couches listening to music. Every room was a little different and it made it feel like you were in your own really cool apartment. The music was great and the punk/goth vibe was just amazing. Goth culture wasn’t really a big thing yet, but it had that feeling. Odd things hung on the velvet walls and from the ceiling. There were so many things to look at. Nothing was normal there. I loved it! In one of the many alcoves hung an upside down Christmas tree painted black and decorated with weird doll parts and broken ornaments. I loved that tree and liked to sit below and look at it. I vowed that one day I would hang my tree upside down. So far, I have not done this. I think mainly because I am quite traditional when it comes to the holidays. I may use a lot of black and blue in my decorating, but the way I celebrate has always been more traditional. This was a horrible year and it will be our family’s first Christmas without my Mom, so I’m not really into it like I usually am. I’ve been doing things very different so far and I think it’s time to finally try the upside down tree. I know you can buy stupid fake trees that are made to be upside down, but I don’t want that. I want to take our actual tree and hang it upside down from the ceiling. Scary Hubby seems to be concerned about how to do this, but he always figures these things out. He’s used to finding ways to execute my weird ideas. I know I am by no means the first to do this, so if anyone has any tips they would like to pass along…

One Response to “Upside Down Christmas Tree”

  1. Mandrake Damnit Says:

    I love this idea.
    I bet if you anchored the real tree securely in an oldfashioned metal tree stand (you know, the kind with the screws that would dig deeply into the trunk) you could hang the tree stand in the same way you’d hang a ceiling fan. I guess the biggest concern would be keeping a live tree watered. Maybe a reservoir bowl with a hole cut out…fit to the trunk facing upwards raised above the base of the trunk. You could use foam sealer to seal the opening around the tree (and secure it to the tree) and then fill with water.
    Does any of that make sense?

    Anywho. Love this idea!!

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