Tru Blood Drink

Tru Blood DrinkApparently being a blogger of all things scary does have it’s privileges. I received this new drink that just came out called Tru Blood. I actually received it before my life went haywire, so I am a little late in reviewing it. This is brought to us by HBO to tie in with the show True Blood. The bottle is red with a black cap and the label says O Positive, Tru Blood, Blood Orange Carbonated Drink. The presentation is great. Now on to the flavor. I hesitate to say if something is good or not because obviously that is up to each individual to decide. I will say for myself and the three other people who tried it that we were split. Two of us liked it and two didn’t. Here’s my opinion. When you first open it there is an orange smell. The first taste you get is actually very good. Very fruity and refreshing, but not orangey as the smell would suggest. Unfortunately the taste quickly disappears and leaves you with the taste of artificial sweetener. I tried to drink a whole bottle, but really did not enjoy it. Again, this is all personal taste. Of course I don’t like Diet Coke either and there are people that swear by it. Don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself and let me know what you think.

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