Toxic Toons Shot Glasses

toxic toons shots glassesToxic Tunes Shot Glasses 2It’s finally Friday, it’s been a really long week and I need a drink or even a shot of something. Now if only I had some super cool glasses to drink it out of. Namely these Toxic Toons Shot Glasses. Unfortunately I do not own these glasses yet. My birthday is coming up guys. Come on you know you want to help Scary Jane have a really good birthday this year, right? If you really loved me you would have bought them for me already. I guess I’ll have to shell out the $49.99 my self. I just wish I’d thought of it a little earlier because now I will have to have my drink out of my plain old regular shot glasses. Mine aren’t etched with some creepy looking skull or monster on them like these. Come on guys, help a girl out. Don’t let another Friday go by where Scary Jane has to have a drink out of some plain old shot glass.

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