Tooth Tattoos

Tooth TattoosThis is not so much scary as just weird. I understand people wanting tattoos. It shows off your personality or what you care about, but this is just plain strange in my book. A dental lab in Salt Lake City called Heward Dental Lab will tattoo any image onto your crown or bridge. Prices range between $70 and $250 depending on the complexity. My question is what’s the point? No one can see it. I guess you could open your mouth really wide and pull your cheek out and you are also giving your dentist something interesting to look at. Beyond that though, I don’t know. It’s a lot of money to spend when no one is going to see it. I know people put tattoos in strange places and on their nether regions, but then at least someone is seeing it. Well, I assume, anyway. If you are really into looking creepy putting a skull on your front tooth might be pretty cool, but I get the impression from the website that they mostly do inside the mouth. I think I’ll stick with the more standard body parts, thank you.

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