ToddlerpedeA while back I posted a picture of a strange doll sculpture. As I was poking around on the internet I finally came across where it originated from and a little bit about it. These doll sculptures are created by visual artist Jon Beinart. Toddlerpedes evolved over the years to imitate insects and mythological creatures. “I like the idea that the dolls i use in my sculptures have played important roles in so many childhoods. Personalities were attributed to each doll, which have come together to form a mega-personality… A sculpture that screams ‘Look at me!’

Now you can help him build a gargantuan Toddlerpede sculpture. “Jon is desperately searching for recycled dolls. He needs thousands of plastic doll parts to finish his latest art project, which he aims to complete by the end of 2010. Jon intends to tour an army of gargantuan Toddlerpede sculptures in public galleries throughout Australia. Your pre-loved dolls would help greatly in making an artist’s dreams come true. To donate your unwanted dollies, or doll parts, for this ambitious art installation please contact Jon.” If you are a completely non artistic type of person here is your chance to be part of a piece of art

One Response to “Toddlerpedes”

  1. Brat Says:

    How cool is THAT idea? Unfortunately, there are no dolls at the Cave to donate, but I hope he receives what he needs.

    And that thing in the picture? Totally creeping me out.

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