The Uninvited

The UninvitedSince it was cold and snowy here over the weekend Scary Hubby and I decided to see some of the movies that we hadn’t seen in the theater. We are huge movie fans in this house, but with a 7 year old you end up not seeing a lot of the scarier ones until they are released on DVD/satellite. This time we saw “The Uninvited“, “The Haunting of Molly somebody or other” and “Lady in White“. I realize the last one is from 1988, but I had never seen it for some reason. All of these were scary, but not particularly bloody, which I like. More mystery than horror, I would almost say. Anyway, I’ll start with “Lady in White“. It was okay, but quite cheesy. It honestly felt more like a made for TV movie. The acting was decent and the story was interesting, but the music and special effects, even for 1988, were not good. I’m still rather confused as to why they called it “Lady in White” when she was hardly in the movie. I guess it’s a scary title. Doesn’t every town have some legend about a lady or woman in white? On to “The Haunting of Molly…“. Not worth it to look it up to get the correct name. It’s about a girl that’s about to turn 18 and finds out about her devilish future. The movie had me interested in the beginning, but I soon realized where this was going and that there was no way out for her. It was okay, but predictable in my opinion. Glad I didn’t spend the money to see it. Finally, there’s “The Uninvited“. This was definitely the better of the three. We were prepared for it not to be good, though. I’d heard that it was a remake of a Korean movie called “A Tale of Two Sisters” and that it did not live up to that movie’s supposed brilliance. Since we had not seen that movie though, we had nothing to base the story on and just went with it. We both enjoyed it very much! It started out as pretty run of the mill and I have to confess I was playing on my laptop in the beginning with only one eye on the movie. It wasn’t long before the movie had my full attention. It ended up being one of those movies that you go back and re-watch a few scenes to put it all together. I also noticed that we have continued to discuss it even though we saw it back on Saturday night. That’s always a good sign for me. A lot of the reviews mentioned big holes in the story, but if you pay attention that really is not the case. It was, by no means, the best thriller I had ever seen, but it was definitely worth watching. Basically it’s about a girl that tried to commit suicide after her ill mother was killed in a fire and now comes back to live with her family and her Father’s new fiance, who was also her Mother’s nurse. Give it a chance, if you really pay attention you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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