The Eye

The EyeIn my quest to catch up on some of the scary movies released the last few years I saw The Eye from 2008 today. Yet another remake of an Asian film. Aren’t they all lately? I’ve been selling books for years and it constantly amazes me that Hollywood insists on remaking perfectly good films instead of mining more of the wealth of books out there. I have not seen the original of this movie called Gin gwai, but from what I can understand it’s much better than the remake. Very predictable. It’s about a blind girl who gets a cornea transplant and starts to realize that she can see dead people. Very similar to a movie from 1994 called Blink, which was much better in my opinion. It was good for some jumpy scares in the beginning, but otherwise I would not highly recommend it. Maybe a way to pass an afternoon, I guess. I’ve seen better remakes for sure, but all in all I wish they’d stop doing it. Most of the time they are not very successful anyway, so why bother.

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