The Dark Doesn’t Scare Me

The dark doesn't scare me T-ShirtI hereby declare that every Tuesday will be T-Shirt Tuesday and if you don’t like it then bite me! I come across so many great t-shirts online that I just have to start sharing them all. This one is The Dark Doesn’t Scare Me. I love this tee, but to be honest I can’t really wear it. I am a little scared of the dark. I like being scared of it though. If that makes any sense. Too many scary movies over the years, I guess. This particular one reminds me of a movie called Wait Until Dark from 1967 with Audrey Hepburn. Great movie that scared the crap out of me as a kid and still can make me squirm when I see it now. Audrey Hepburn was blind in the movie and there were some bad guys trying to get a doll filled with heroine from her that was in her apartment. I won’t say anything else in case you haven’t seen it. If you do see it please keep in mind that for 1967 this was pretty scary stuff. Anyway, the reason I thought of this movie is that I think she should have been wearing the t-shirt in it, because…well, I can’t tell you that or it might ruin the movie. Go see it and then you’ll understand my joke.

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