The Coffinshakers

A while back a reader sent me the link to this group on I have since listened to everything they have and have fallen in love with them. If you are having a party this weekend you really need to include them in your music. From what I can tell they are actually from Sweden, but you’d never guess it from their songs. Check out their website where you can buy all of their albums. The lead singer sounds just like Johnny Cash! Take a listen to Last Night Down By the Grave below. This one is on the slower side, but they can really get rockin’. My favorite is probably Halloween which you can find on their myspace page, but I really like Back From the Grave too. Well, hell I love them all actually. Give them a listen. You’ll be glad you did. Thanks Per Arne Iznogood for introducing me to this great band.

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  1. kia Says:

    this is cool

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