Spooky Shades

Jack the Ripper Lamp ShadeSo, there is a woman in France that designs lamp shades and calls them Spooky Shades. Elisa refers to herself as a rock n’ roll/metal fan who was frustrated with the lack of interesting and funky housewares available in stores. She particularly didn’t like all of the plain lamp shades out there, so decided to make her own edgy ones. What Elisa has come up with is just fantastic. I’m not neccessarily a metal fan, but there are a lot of common design elements between that and my preferred scary lifestyle. There are ones based on horror movies, skulls and even one with anatomy sketches over a Jack the Ripper letter which I might add is my personal favorite. Each one appears to be different and one of kind and she updates often with new styles. If you don’t see one you like now, keep checking back because her stock changes often.

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