Spider Table

Spider TableI am not normally a fan of glass tables. I find them to be too contemporary for my taste and a pain in the ass to clean. Once in a while though, I find a table like this Spider Table that changes my mind and makes me rethink my personal style. I think this table is deliciously creepy. I’ve been obsessed with spiders lately, so I keep searching them out online. I think this might just creep me out too much to have it in my house, but it’s still totally cool. I think it would make me have nightmares about giant spiders chasing me like in those old movies. This particular table was designed by Judy Kensley McKie and is made from steel and glass. Unfortunately it is a one of kind, so don’t get too attached.

One Response to “Spider Table”

  1. H Says:

    too cool we’ve been looking for a unique glass table or sets….

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