Skullstar Throw

Skullstar ThrowIt actually takes very little in life to make me happy. Unfortunately, I do have expensive taste and those items make me very happy. Once in a great while I come across something that I expect to be expensive and I am happy to see that it isn’t that bad. In those cases I usually buy the item immediately thinking I’m getting a great deal. Scary Hubby does not always agree. He always says that just because it’s not expensive doesn’t mean we need it. He reacted that way when I received this Skullstar throw in the mail the other day. “Don’t you have enough blankets with skulls on them?” I of course responded that this is a throw and not a blanket. We don’t have any throws with skulls on them. “Aren’t they the same thing?” “Nope. Blankets are for your bed and throws are for the sofa when you get a chill.” He couldn’t realistically argue that point, so he gave up and walked away. Kill ’em with logic I always say. Plus, he knows better than to argue with me.

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