Skull USB Drive

I’m not usually the tech geek in the family. I leave that stuff to Scary Hubby. Sometimes though I do come across things that melt our two loves together. This is a Skull USB Drive Necklace. This little guy is great. It’s a USB Flash Drive that holds 2GB of storage and a necklace! Two for the price of one. My big complaint about Flash Drives in general is that I am always losing them. They are so tiny. This one can just go around my neck and it looks just like a regular skull necklace. The little plug in thingy slides out, so there is no cover to lose, which is always a problem too. A lot of these cool little Flash Drives can be pretty pricey, but this one sells for only $22. Obviously at that price it’s not made out of platinum.  It may not be the nicest skull necklace you’ve ever owned, but it is cute and a great idea.

Skull USB 3Skull USB 2

Skull USB 1

One Response to “Skull USB Drive”

  1. Will Says:

    Ohhhhh. Shiiineyyy 🙂

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