Skull Toilet Brush

Skull Toilet Brush and HolderI found this fun Skull Toilet Brush and Holder for $33 in a boring little catalog. It was the only thing of scary interest. I named him Edgar and have since found it gives me a little snicker every time I use it. I saved the catalog because the listing was quite funny. In the description it reads, “The detail on the skull holder and brush handle are amazing-guests will do a double take!”. Really? Do I need to worry about that? Will my guests look over at it while doing their business and dismiss it at first and then look back and think that it’s their Aunt Bessie who they just buried last month? Will they come screaming out the door with their pants around their ankles demanding to know if it really is her? So far this has not happened, but if it does I will calmly tell them that it is not Aunt Bessie, but in fact my Uncle Edgar and he’s pissed about having a toilet brush in his head.

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