Skull Tattoo

I love skulls, bu not real ones mind you. I’ll stick with the fakes. I have bunches of them scattered everywhere. I will always make a beeline in a store for anything that has a skull on it. Keeping that in mind, I do have my limits. As I was scavenging around on the internet I came across this weird little blog about tattoos and on it I found a picture of this guy. I’m not sure what to say about it. I find it to be more gross than scary myself, but you can think what you want. Can you imagine having this tattoo? His entire identity is covered by this skull. I bet it’s great at Halloween, but who would want it all year round?Skull Face Tattoo

2 Responses to “Skull Tattoo”

  1. The Beautiful Kind Says:

    WOAH! Not a fan. OK so you like skull replicas, but not the real thing? Cuz this website sells REAL human skulls, all obtained legally, some with defects, some with bullet holes, etc.

    I know an artist in Fresno, CA who collects real skulls (animal and human) and uses them in his art. You should check him out! His name is Reza Assemi, here is an example

  2. Ghoulfather Says:

    What is it about Skulls that seems to draw some of us to collect them.
    I used to own a Real Human skull, but Was kinda creepy knowing it was real,
    So i traded it for an old Ouija board. lol

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