Skull Swizzle Sticks

Skull Swizzle SticksBeing a lover of all things alcohol I am always on the lookout for scary bar accessories to add to my collection. Here are some fantastic skull swizzle sticks that will fit right in. They were apparently released only for the Halloween season, but you can still buy them. This always pisses me off! Don’t they realize how many people out there love this kind of stuff? And not just at Halloween? Skulls are so popular now. You can buy practically anything with a skull on it at Kmart or Target nowadays. Not that I’m particularly thrilled about that, but that’s another story. It just always makes me mad when I find some cool thing on the internet and I can’t buy it because it’s not Halloween anymore. I spend so much money during Halloween on every day stuff for my house. When will they learn? Anyway, if you like these you might want to snap them up because it’s only while their supply lasts.

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