Skull Soap

Black Skull SoapSo you think you have the ultimate creepy bathroom with the bloody shower curtain and rug, a razorblade mirror, the skull toilet brush and the skull towel holder? I bet you don’t have the ultimate scary soap. I’ve searched long and hard over the years for a good scary soap and I was actually rewarded today when I found this Skull Soap. It’s black and it features a scary ass skull on it. What more could you want? Well, for it to be available in the US would make me happy. This little rockin’ bar of soap made by Night Moth is only available in the UK for roughly $6.19, but that’s before shipping. They make other scary soaps such as Necronomicon, a coffin, R.I.P., a bat and even a gothic cherub. Really cool soap, I must say. Wouldn’t it be cool if they lathered up in black too? Or even red?

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