Skull Sauna

Skull SaunaI may be a little late to this party since it appeared back in November, but I just discovered this Skull Sauna. Technically it is called the Wellness Skull. The skull stands about 15 feet and is made of wood and synthetic material. It was designed by the Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout as an installation for the Karlsplatz in Vienna. This is part of an effort by Public Art Vienna to revitalize the area around their capital. It is apparently fully functional with even a shower and a bathtub. That all sounds great, but here’s the sucky part. No one can use it. They can only look at it. You can’t even witness the steam emanating from the eye sockets because that only works when it’s on. That’s just stupid. What’s the point? Explain to me why this is necessary. The original idea was cool, though or should I say hot? Yeah, I know, not funny.

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