Skull Ring Pillow

Skull Ring PillowAre you getting married soon? If you are and you are into all things scary then you just have to get one of these pillows to put your rings on. I wish I could get married all over again just so I could use one of these Skull Ring Pillows! These are so beautiful, I just can’t stand it. I want to order one just to have it in my house. They are 10″ square, so maybe as a small pillow on my sofa. They are hand sewn by a woman in North Carolina. She makes them in different fabrics and I’m hoping eventually a blue and black one will appear. That would match the best in my house. The set includes the pillow and a garter for $42.95, which is a little steep, but worth it for the handmade quality that’s involved. Apparently these were even featured in a Modern Bride article. She also does celestial themed sets that I am fond of as well. Now if only she would make full size pillows then I would be very happy.

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