Skull Lamp Shade Cover

Skull Lamp Shade CoverWhen I was in college long ago I was always looking for ways to scare up my dorm room, much to my roommate’s dismay. I’m afraid I was somewhat gloomy in my decor choices which did not make for a fast friendship with the cheerleader I shared a room with. It seems I was quite difficult back then. Over time we came to accept one another’s differences and became friends and have remained so. One thing I did that drove her completely batty was that I was always putting black filmy scarves over my lamp shades to make it gloomier in the room. She of course would complain that she couldn’t see when she came in and take them off. If I had had some of these creepy cool Skull Lamp Shade Covers back in those days I would have been so happy and she would have been even more mad. She didn’t take kindly to my skull collection either. I guess I was always trying to piss her off in those days.

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