Skull Key

Skull KeyHere is something I can get really excited about. This is a Skull Key that comes on a keychain. The neat thing about this is that you can take it to any key cutter guy and it can be cut to fit. I don’t know what a key cutter guy is called. Is he just a locksmith? Well, anyway you can get it to fit your house or whatever. I’ve only ever seen skull covers that go over the key, but this one has the skull built right in. Makes me think of those big skeleton keys from the old days. I used to buy them at antique stores and wear a bunch of them around my neck on a black ribbon. I always thought that was pretty cool. It’s also reminding me of that movie with Kate Hudson called Skeleton Key. The skeleton key in that story unlocks a secret attic room that…well, maybe I shouldn’t say in case you haven’t seen it. It was a pretty good movie that had some good scares without being gory. Of course, now that I’m writing about it I want to see it again. If I could just stay on topic this wouldn’t happen all of the time!

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