Skull Sofa

Skull Deprivation ChamberWell, technically it’s called a Sensory Deprivation Skull. This was designed back in 2007 by artist Joep van Lieshout for his studio Atelier Van Lieshout. This is the same guy that designed the Skull Sauna I covered a while back. Seems he really likes to design big skulls. This one opens up to reveal a seating area. No word on whether the comfy lining is included or the cost. The skull is made of reinforced fiberglass and measures approximately 59″ x 43″ x 54″. Only 10 were made, so good luck if you have your heart set on one. Just think: you could curl up in it and read your favorite mystery or you could also get in and close the doors for the ultimate getaway from all of your troubles. Why bother taking a relaxing vacation? You can save all of that money and hole up inside this for a week. So what if you go a little crazy feeling like you might actually be inside John Malkovich’s head?

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