Skull Computer Speakers

Skull Computer SpeakersAre you into headbanger music? Are you a fan of the Headbanger’s Ball on MTV? Well, I’m not, but at one time when the original Headbanger’s Ball was on MTV I was. Now you can have computer speakers that will take your headbanging to a whole new level. These Skull Computer Speakers look like they have been headbanging a few too many times actually. Maybe you should give them a break, let them rest and only play Barry Manilow on them. Or maybe you should let your true nature show and put these two little guys in your cubicle at work. Be proud of your headbanging ways and wear your concert tees with pride in the office. No one will ever mistake you for that preppy prick in accounting again.

3 Responses to “Skull Computer Speakers”

  1. nobody Says:

    Your link to the speaker’s site is not working.

  2. jane Says:

    Sorry about that! It’s all fixed.

  3. Anonymous Says:


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