Skull Clutch

I was sitting around in my office today feeling pretty lazy and just thinking about stuff. Nothing important, just daydreaming. I started to think about the Oscar awards and how I would dress if I ever went. I know, but stranger things have popped into my head. I was wondering what I would wear when I walked down the blue carpet (aka the red carpet, but they changed it in honor of me!) Not sure what I would be doing there that would get me that privilege. Let’s say I was nominated for, I don’t know, costume design? no… screenplay? nah… Oh screw it, let’s just say best actress for the new goth interpretation of Bridget Jones’ Diary. Not that much of a stretch. I was a theater geek in high school after all. Angel and Spike would have to play the Colin Firth and Hugh Grant characters. I’m such a huge star that I can call the shots. Anyway, I’m a shoe-in for the Oscar, so there I would be walking the blue carpet. What to wear? Well, I know what purse I’d be carrying. This Skull Clutch from Butler and Wilson. So awesome. It sells for a hefty $755.00. Now, let’s say the movie was a critical success, but maybe not a box office success. I could then carry this more reasonable Skull Clutch from The Artful Bag. Still very cute, but a little cheaper at $328.00. Okay, so now let’s say the movie totally bombed and the only reason I got nominated in the first place was because I slept with all the voters. This little Skull Clutch might be the more economical choice at $24.00. Definitely the ugly choice, but still a skull clutch. Isn’t it nice to know the odd things that float around in my head? Now, if I could only figure out what to wear.

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