Skull Clock

I have been coveting this Skull Clock ever since I saw it about a month ago at Z Gallerie. I’m not quite sure why I haven’t bought it yet. It’s well priced and it looks so cool, so what’s up? I do have an admitted obsession with clocks, so I do have a lot of them. I even have some skull themed ones, but nothing like this one. I think my problem may be that it doesn’t chime in any way. I like clocks that chime and I like to make sure they all go off at the same time. For some reason this makes me very happy. The husband and the daughter though, not so much. That’s a story for another day. Anyway, I guess I look at this one and it feels to me like it should make a noise. Does that sound crazy? Well, crazy for me? I know I had better get to it if I’m going to buy it because I’m sure it’ll be sold out soon. Maybe I’ll go look at it again tomorrow? Oh well…if you don’t need it to chime then buy yours here.


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