Skull & Bones Candle

Skull & Bones CandleI found this cute Skull & Bones candle, but I have a problem or two with it. First of all, they are apparently marketing this candle to men. This I will address in a minute. Secondly, the candle is scented with tobacco leaf and vanilla. I love the smell of vanilla, but I gave up tobacco a long time ago and have no desire to smell it now. If I want to smell that I’ll head down to the corner dive bar. I definitely do not want my house smelling like that. I miss smoking, don’t get me wrong, but smelling tobacco every time I light a candle would get me started again and that I don’t want. My other problem is that this has been marketed towards men. Really? Are there that many men out there shopping around for candles? If they are, they’re shopping for something to seduce their significant other with and unless she’s like me (doubt it) they won’t appreciate a skull on their candle. Doesn’t exactly scream romance. Just saying.

One Response to “Skull & Bones Candle”

  1. Brat Says:

    Tobacco? That’s just nuts, and I’m a smoker!

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