Skeleton Flamingos

Skeleton FlamingosBeing a lover of all things tacky and especially all things scary I found the perfect item that makes my heart sing and my wallet quiver in anticipation: Skeleton Flamingos. They are fantastic for putting up during Halloween or if you’re like me having them up all year round. Now be prepared you may not make some of your neighbors happy when they see these two guys standing up in your garden on Easter Sunday, but who cares. They are made of heavy duty plastic and stand about 22″ tall so there is no way they will miss them. At $17.95 a pair how about buying lots of them and covering your lawn with a whole bony flock?

3 Responses to “Skeleton Flamingos”

  1. DesertRat Says:

    SJ, here’s a link to some lawn ornaments you might appreciate. I like the skeleton flamingos, BTW.


  2. jane Says:

    Thanks! I haven’t seen those before. They are hilarious! I’ll do a post on them soon.

  3. Nicole_Hadaway Says:

    Darnit, they’re out of stock right now!

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