Skeleton Computer Toppers

Skeleton Computer ToppersI found these three little skeleton computer toppers for $20.99 that are a takeoff of the famous Japanese monkeys, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil. With those on top of your computer there are basically no witnesses to the many things we all do online. Just think if the Queen of all things pastel, Martha Stewart had had them on her computer instead of that stupid cat she might never have been caught and gone to jail. Cats are notorious blabblers I’ve heard, not mine though. Of course then I would not have been able to experience the happiest day of my life, so maybe it was a good thing. Is that too much to pay to have a little peace of mind that no one will ever find out your secrets?

3 Responses to “Skeleton Computer Toppers”

  1. Gary Says:

    These are cool!

  2. Nynelly Says:

    best new blog

  3. lilruthieruth Says:

    where can i purchase this?

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