Skeleton Beach Towel

I was just thinking to myself the other day that I really needed a two headed skeleton towel and lo and behold I got an a email from a reader telling me about this one. How lucky is that? He just read my mind. Whew! Another crisis averted thanks to my my faithful readers. If you are going through a similar crisis go here.

* Thanks Gary W. for saving me from a fate worse than death. 😉


One Response to “Skeleton Beach Towel”

  1. Gary W.... Says:

    This is sooooo cool….. My wife got one to use as my towel for the gym…. I work out at the Pentagon Gym (called the PAC) here in DC, amongst all of the “real” movers and shakers. These people are the true monsters of the world… Trust me, … after working out like crazy man you end up sitting naked next to these guys in the steam you just would not believe what stories they talk about… It would keep you up at night…! When we ran on to this I just knew you would love too.
    Have a good one now… We Love you site…

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