Secret Passage

secret-doorsRemember the movie Clue? One of my absolute favorite movies. I think I can recite every line. Remember that part where they decide to split up and search for the killer? Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet end up going through that secret passage from the study to the kitchen. I loved that. Who hasn’t dreamed of having a secret passage like that? Or even better actually finding one in your house that you never knew was there. Now, if you have between $5000 and $250,000, you can realize that dream depending on how crazy you want to get. To the right are some examples of what Creative Home Engineering can do for you. The staircase one reminds me of the opening to the Munsters where Herman Munster came out from under the stairs. If you don’t remember that you can see it here. Just remember next time you are in bed trying to sleep and you hear a sound that seems to be coming from inside the walls you may have your very own secret passage. The downside? Someone might be in it!

2 Responses to “Secret Passage”

  1. DygraphicProgrammer Says:

    OMG! This is freaking Awesome! I wish I had a house to install a secret passage into!

  2. Dig-Me-Up Says:

    I can think of a hundred reasons why those hidden passages would be great. As a safe place where you could call the police from. And a great place to put a safe that criminals wouldn’t look. And just think,. the under the stairs idea came from the old old show “The Munsters. Genius!

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