Scorpion Sucker

When we go home to Scary Hubby’s family for Thanksgiving Scary Daughter is usually showered with gifts. Which is okay. They don’t see her that often. On this particular trip she was given a Scorpion Sucker that an Aunt had picked up while she was in Arizona. If you would like one of your own you can find them here. As she was getting ready to open it up and take a lick we all noticed the scorpion inside. This began a rather lengthy discussion on whether it was a real scorpion or not. I insisted it was since I myself have been tricked into eating chocolate covered bugs in the past. Put chocolate on it and I’ll eat it. (Get your mind out of the gutter!) Anyway, Scary Daughter is not particularly fond of bugs and I really can’t blame her. Especially scorpions since she has heard me tell my story one too many times. When I was about 10 years old I lived in Dallas, Texas. We lived in a brand new house by what could loosely be called a lake. There were no other homes around us, so I guess the wildlife decided we were a great place to hang out.  We tried everything to get rid of the field mice, snakes, spiders and bugs. We even had these huge jumping tarantula like spiders. Scorpions, unfortunately, often found their way into our house. One particular night my Dad had sent me into his room to get something for him. I didn’t bother turning on the light since I knew where it was. As I was walking I felt like I stepped on a small pin or something. I turned on the bedside lamp and as I was looking at my foot saw the rather large scorpion about a foot away from me. I started screaming bloody murder. They rushed me to the hospital and luckily I was not allergic to the venom. It hurt like hell though and lasted for days. I will never forget that pain. So, after having heard the story before, Scary Daughter was not ever going to try it and gave it to me. She then said that I could pretend it was the one that stung me and now I could have my revenge and eat it. So not going to happen.

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  1. Aylin Says:

    I do not know about scorpians. I do know that I do not like ants in my house and tdsoiue only at a distance. There is something just nightmareish about swarming ants. YUK!I know I am terrified of spiders, they are ugly and creepy,yucky and well just plain icky!

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