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Christmas SweaterI know it’s T-Shirt Tuesday, but considering that it’s the holiday season I’m going to show you something different. Every year the women in my family pull out their holiday sweaters for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Every year I get more and more frightened. I live in absolute terror that Scary daughter will one day pick up on this tradition and declare she wants one. So far so good, but she’s only seven and Grandmas have a way of getting what they want. I have obviously resisted this horrible tradition and am constantly told that I have no holiday spirit. In my world wearing a sweater with a jumbo rudolph that has a red cottonball for a nose on it means you are insane, not that you have holiday spirit. This year I thought I’d pin a picture of some ugly sweater to my shirt and maybe that would make them happy. Here is the Christmas Sweater I decided on. You can actually buy this for the low cost of $69.00. It’s just not Christmas without sequins, fur and jewels on your clothing.

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  1. Mary Lou Says:

    How do I order this cute sweater?

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