Scary Statue

Scary StatueHere is a picture of a scary statue that I found on the internet. I absolutely love this statue. The problem is I have no idea where this statue is or if it is even real. It looks real, but in the age of Photoshop who knows? I’d also like to know what it is actually a statue of. It looks like the Grim Reaper, but I can’t imagine anyone making a statue of him. I can’t make out what the plaque says. If anyone knows anything about this statue please email me or post a comment. I continue to search on the internet for it. I’ll post if I find out anything.

*Update: Ask the world of the internet and quickly get an answer. Gotta love it! This was designed by Anna Chromy, a sculpter & painter born in the Czech Republic. Her best-known piece is the empty coat, known as Coat of Conscience. There is one located in Austria, one in Praque, one in Athens and a few others. So much for for my scary ideas. Thanks Irie.

4 Responses to “Scary Statue”

  1. Brat Says:

    Yes, it looks scary, but it also looks like a soldier huddled under his poncho in the rain. The fact that there is no person showing could depict the statue as Every Soldier.

  2. Moo Says:

    It’s in Prague outside the State Opera House. It’s a statue titled ‘Il Commendatore’ from Mozart’s opera ‘Don Giovanni.’ It very very creepy up close, especially because it’s hollow down to the base. It’s kind of sad, though, because people toss trash inside of it.

  3. The Beautiful Kind Says:

    I hate when people disrespect art!

  4. Brat Says:

    AMEN to disrespecting art!

    Well, that info sent me to The Google and researching ‘Don Giovanni’. [I know so little about opera–ALAS!] It IS a scary statue!

    Thanks, Jane, for edumacating me today!

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