Scary Jane

Could this be a post about Scary Jane? The Scary Jane? Nope, it’s not, but it is about the blog. Are you tired of checking the site every 5 minutes┬áto see if I’ve posted something yet? I get regular emails from some of you idiots complaining that I do not post on a regular schedule. I patiently tell you that my mother died unexpectedly this year which turned my world upside down. I stopped working for a while to concentrate on my family, but I am feeling much better these days. My book business came first, since that’s where the money comes from, and now I’m back at the blogging thing posting regularly. Unfortunately, there is no set time of the day that I do it. Usually it’s late in the day, like now, but it can be anytime really. Well, I have finally solved your problem. Scary Jane now has a Newsletter! Every Friday an email will be automatically sent, to those who subscribe, that will include all of my posts for the week. Don’t worry I won’t sell your email or send you spam. I wouldn’t even know how to. I do reserve the right to sell your soul, however. You can subscribe by entering your email in the box that’s below my image on the top left of your screen. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of being underneath me here’s your chance!

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